ANP-Skin Collagen Support 激活膠原回彈療程

Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP)

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ANP-Skin Collagen Support 激活膠原回彈療程

容量: 60 caps


隨著年齡的增長,膠原蛋白的產生減少,皮膚會逐漸失去彈性。激活膠原回彈療程利用五種成分的協同作用,這種補充劑有助於構建和保護膠原蛋白,幫助維持柔軟、年輕肌膚的水平。這些植物性膠囊含有維生素 C、鋅、MSM、來自法國香檳地區的葡萄籽提取物和富含 SOD(超氧化物歧化酶)的蜜瓜萃取——這些成分有超過 150 項研究表明其有效性皮膚上的成分。
一項針對小組成員的內部案例研究表明,85% 的人在完成三個月的這種皮膚支持補充劑後,眼周區域的彈性有所增加。


‧ MSM | 有機硫化物|幫助膠原蛋白形成|促進傷口癒合
‧ Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) | 蜜瓜提取物 | 重要抗氧化劑 | 強化及保護膠原蛋白
‧ Vitamin C | 抗氧化 | 保護細胞不受自由基傷害​
‧ Zinc|有助維持頭髮、指甲和皮膚​健康
‧ 法國香檳地區葡萄籽提取物|超級抗氧化劑 | 阻止膠原蛋白分解及流失




ANP-Skin Collagen Support

Volume: 60 cap


Activate your skins' collagen for younger looking skin. 

NEW FORMULA collagen supplement. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity and production of collagen decreases. Recent advances in research propelled our Nutritional Experts to create this next generation formula of Skin Collagen Support.

Harnessing the synergy of five ingredients, this supplement helps to build and safeguard collagen helping to maintain levels for supple, younger-looking skin. These plant-based capsules are packed with a clever cocktail of vitamin C, zinc, MSM, grapeseed extract from the Champagne region in France and melon concentrate which is rich in SOD (Superoxide dismutase) - these ingredients have over 150 studies attributed to the effectiveness of ingredients on skin.


‧ MSM | Supports collagen formation
‧ Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) | Plumps and smoothes skin
‧ Vitamin C | Protects cells from oxidative stress
‧ Zinc|Supports skin and nail health


How to Apply:

Take two capsules daily with food