EVO BEAUTY Hair Serum Anti Aging Formula - - ANTI AGING FORMULA 抗衰老修護精華

EVO BEAUTY Hair Serum Anti Aging Formula - - ANTI AGING FORMULA 抗衰老修護精華


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EVO BEAUTY Hair Serum Anti Aging Formula - 抗衰老修護精華


EvoHair 抗衰老護髮素

  • 特別抗脫髮 - 含有滋養和恢復活力的物質

  • 含有植物幹細胞提取物和透明質酸

  • 德國製造 - 在德國開發和生產


EvoHair 護髮精華液採用特殊配方,專為容易脫髮的脆弱頭髮而設計。馬尾、瓜拉那、人參、山金車等天然精華,以及從啤酒酵母中提取的蛋白質,自然強韌頭髮,防止脫髮。

在先天性脫髮的情況下,髮根對稱為二氫睾酮 (DHT) 的睾酮代謝產物特別敏感。這終止了頭髮的生命週期,髮根萎縮,新頭髮的形成受到抑制。在女性和男性身體中都發現了激素睾酮。然而,在女性中,性激素雌激素自然會防止 DHT 效應,直到雌激素水平因荷爾蒙變化而下降。

為了防止漸進性脫髮,我們的 EvoHair 產品含有多種活性成分,其作用類似於 DHT 阻滯劑,以及精氨酸和肌酸,可強化髮根。這給你的頭髮新的力量和活力。


每天輕輕按摩毛巾擦乾或擦乾的頭髮,不要沖洗。在過敏的情況下停止應用。最有效的結果是與 EvoHair 系列的洗髮水和護髮素結合使用。


購買後,該產品可在未開封的情況下保存 2 年。在開封後 24 個月內使用瓶子。


The Anti Aging Hair Serum from EvoHair

SPECIAL RECEPTION AGAINST HAIR LOSS - With nourishing and revitalising substances

CARE CONTENTS - With plant stem cell extracts and hyaluronic acid

MADE IN GERMANY - Developed and produced in Germany



The EvoHair Hair Serum with its special formula is perfectly designed for weak hair that tends to hair loss. With natural essences of horsetail, guarana, ginseng and arnica as well as proteins extracted from brewer's yeast, hair is strengthened naturally and hair loss can be stopped.

In the case of congenital hair loss, the hair roots react particularly sensitively to a metabolic product of testosterone, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This terminates the hair's life cycle, the hair root atrophies and the formation of new hair is inhibited. The hormone testosterone is found in both female and male bodies. In women, however, the sex hormone oestrogen naturally protects against the DHT effect until the oestrogen level drops as a result of a hormonal change. 

In order to prevent progressive hair loss, our EvoHair products contain a combination of active ingredients that act like DHT blockers, as well as arginine and creatine to strengthen the hair roots. This gives your hair new strength and vitality.



Massage gently into towel-dried or dry hair every day, do not rinse. Stop application in case of hypersensitivity. The most effective result is achieved in combination with the shampoo and conditioner of the EvoHair line.


Filling quantity: 50 ml

The product can be stored unopened for 2 years after purchase. Use the bottle within 24 months after opening.




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